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Middle-School Youth Empowerment Workshop Series

When? 4pm-7pm  June 13- June 17 (MON- FRI)

Location:  Glow Yoga, Gulf Shores, AL  

Cost: $125

This 5 part series is designed to introduce and develop life skills and concepts that empower youth to live with passion and joy while remaining calm and grounded. Mindfulness strategies & yoga are an important aspect of the program and will be practiced and weaved throughout each of the 5 workshops.

We will cover these 5 topics:

1. Mindfulness- Students will learn to use present moment awareness and other mindfulness skills to help them self-regulate their emotions and energy levels. We will practice breathing techniques that calm the mind and decrease anxiety. Students will learn how to more easily and consistently access higher-level thinking to make smart purposeful choices (rather than reacting impulsively). With practice, these strategies can also improve focus, attention, listening skills, and overall learning.

2. Self-Discovery- We will explore personalities, communication styles, learning styles, and core values. We will concentrate on leveraging individual strengths and embracing uniqueness to live more authentically and confidently.

3. Love- Students will discuss ways to feel and express more kindness, compassion, and tolerance. We’ll also learn about the critical role that self-love plays in maintaining healthy relationships and reaching fullest potentials.

4. Wellness- We’ll explore nutrition and exercise and the wide variety of options to healthy eating and moving. Emphasis will be on the importance of balance, enjoyment, and developing a practical healthy lifestyle. We will also discuss how connection, purpose, and community improve general well-being.

5. Happiness- Students will learn how to use the Law of Attraction and optimistic thinking to create an exciting and fulfilling life. They will be encouraged to dream big while living in the present moment with gratitude and contentment. We’ll also address motivation and the importance of committing to a lifetime of growth & self-improvement.

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